The test editor

The test editor is where you fill in item outcomes for a test session.

New features

As you can see above, it looks like the familiar inner pages of the paper record booklet. But the editor is fully interactive and adds much functionality.

Discover as soon as you have achieved a basal and ceiling and avoid completing unnecessary items.

Refresh your memory of the administration codes, see next and previous items, and view the full item guidance from the Administration Guide as below.

Scoring grids

Item-specific scoring grids identify series of related items and make it simple to administer them, and have them all scored automatically, in one go.

Beyond the grids in the paper record book, Griff-it provides aids to timed items, allows verbatim recording of responses, and more. Here we see one of the items with two timed attempts from the Performance subscale:

No more searching through appendices

Additional relevant information like sample responses, questions and answers, and Subscale D examples, are all integrated into the same view.

Intuitive and fast data entry

Accelerate transcription with keyboard shortcuts. Navigate with one click to each basal and ceiling. Type an item number to jump to it immediately.

Scroll around the test area to see a thumbnail summary of test session progress:

Comprehensive reporting

Make notes on any item.

Everything you record throughout Griff-it can be included in a written report.