The case manager

The case manager is the control panel where you manage child records and record personal and medically relevant details about the children you test. It's like a filing system for paper record booklets, but with the advantages of computerised storage.

Find and record what you need

Organise your cases by name, age, or most recent visit. Search for children by name and revisit previous test cases at any time.

Record standard information about the children you test, or customise the fields to your liking and record exactly the details you need for your work.

View scores

Visit any test session, new or old, complete or only partially filled in, and view a comprehensive set of scores at a click of a button.

Like everything else pertaining to a case, the summary of scores can be included in reports.

Export your data

Interested studying a population of children over time? Easily export some or all of your cases to Microsoft Excel or CSV formats for further study. Human-readable XML records mean your data isn't trapped.