autism diagnostic interview

Form layout and question style

The interview uses a framework of numbered sections, subsections and questions.

Interview form screenshot
  • Questions are worded and ordered to create a conversation.

  • Patient and carer names are inserted dynamically in the question text, adding to the conversational feel.

  • The Interview Explorers make it easy to depart from the given question order, or to skip questions and sections, when you choose.

  • Double-click a question number to add a "marginal note" in a linked Microsoft Word document; notes are later integrated with the reports.

Question status

Questions are disabled when your responses to other questions show them to be inapplicable.

Question status screenshot

Question status is reflected graphically on the interview forms:

question status graphical indication example question
answered question number in green 7.5.11
to do question number in red 7.5.14
disabled (not applicable) text and answer control greyed 7.5.16
bookmarked yellow frame around question number 7.5.15

The question number context menu

A right-click on a question number in the interview opens this context menu:

Mark question

Marks the question so that it appears in the interview with a yellow border and in the explorer views with a 'folded corner' icon.

Show guidance

Opens the help system, showing guidance on how to answer the question.

Unanswer question

Reverts the question to the unanswered state.

The Interview Explorer

A graphical representation of the structure of the entire interview.

Interview explorer screenshot
  • Move directly to any chosen question in the interview.

  • Get immediate visual feedback on the progress of the interview.

  • Identify and move directly to questions you have chosen to mark.

  • Find questions containing a specified word or phrase.

The Route Explorer

The Route Explorer has all the features of the Interview Explorer, but displays just the selection of questions which lie on the chosen interview route.

Route explorer screenshot
  • A route is a set of questions drawn from many parts of the interview which it might be helpful to ask or review sequentially.

  • Only route questions, and the section and subsection folders which contain them, appear in the Route Explorer.

  • The red and green colours of section and subsection folders reflect the status of the route questions alone.

  • There is a route through the minimum group of questions needed for a report on autistic spectrum conditions.

  • There are routes through the questions which can often be pre-entered using returns from parents and schools.

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